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Where is Barbados?

It is a small island in the Eastern Caribbean.

Is a passport Needed?

Yes. You may be able to obtain one at

Is the Hotel All-Inclusive?


Does the Hotel provide activities other than the event?


Are the parties included?

Some parties will be included

What if I don't know who I am going with?

We suggest picking the double occupancy package to reserve than adjusting once you find out who you will be rooming with.

Can I put down the deposit to hold the room for all my guests?

Yes, but their deposit must be paid by the deadline or you will be switched to the lower occupancy price.

Can I add additional or subtract people to my room later?

Yes, and we will adjust your rate accordingly.

Do you match roommates?

We will attempt to match roommates if  we have requests.

Is flight included?

Flights are not included but we can help in assisting with your flight if needed

What is the Airport code?


Are food and drinks included?


Is there Wi-Fi at the hotel?

Yes. Free wi-fi is included in your hotel package

What happens if an emergency comes up, cant go or inclement weather?

We suggest getting travel insurance and we can help you with that.

Can I have a set up for an event I am celebrating?

Yes just email us with information and request to

What if I have additional questions?

Email us at

What time is hotel check In?

3:00 pm You can ask if there if your room is available early or check your bags and attend the festivities.

What time is hotel check Out:

12:00 pm

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